Wife Dibrova hospitalized for threatened miscarriage

Wife Dibrova hospitalized for threatened miscarriageThe young wife of Dmitry Dibrova urgently admitted to a hospital in the capital with the threat of miscarriage. According to friends showman, he is very concerned about the incident.According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", surrounded by the famous TV presenter say that Dmitry literally lost his head because of what happened, almost a fixture in the clinic, to be near his beloved. In the Department of pathology, where the couple were given a separate posh house, he spent hours caring for Pauline and disturbs the doctors questions.Aesculapius, according to the same source, trying to calm celebrity, explaining to him that in early pregnancy such problems is quite common. Dibrov ready to do anything in the name of tragedy.While doctors were able to stabilize the condition of the mother, but despite all the measures taken, the threat of miscarriage is still. If the doctors manage to save the baby, he will be the third child loving showman (he has a grown son and daughter). Source: Wife Dibrova hospitalized for threatened miscarriage.

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