Shnurov beat street hooligans

Shnurov beat street hooligansPopular Russian musician Sergey Shnurov was the victim of street thugs.According to our source, the incident occurred in a St. Petersburg cafes on this street, where the musician celebrated the birthday of his girlfriend Mathilde (real name Elena Brain), writes, "Moskovsky Komsomolets".In the midst of the celebration in the school was a man of non-Slavic appearance, a Shnurov age, and saw musician, wished to be photographed with him. Cord, usually flexible with their fans, this time refused. Offended by a fan wanted to "talk like a man". Musician at one blow laid presumptuous suitor on the pavement - good Boxing skills they have not quite forgotten. After a few minutes, the offended citizen returned, and not one but a dozen friends - not Slavic appearance - and turned the birthday of Mathilde in physical slaughter. To distract the villain from the girl (she, they say, also got), Cord stormed out of the store into the street, where he caught up and in front of several witnesses long time to beat feet...This could all end, but in this moment to congratulate a friend of his stopped by bikers, summer nights regularly "patrol" the city center. Seeing the beaten and tear-stained Matilda, bikers, without thinking, swept to Five corners, which has overtaken the entire group of offenders. And how they fought.The Cord did not contact the police. But at a press conference in the Committee on culture musician extremely competently responded to our question about the incident - a few seconds collected his thoughts, looking at the table, then replied:If I was beaten, I would have been some trace... can You see them? Source: Shnurov beat street hooligans.

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