Gabriel garcГ­a mГЎrquez will be no more to write

Gabriel garcГ­a mГЎrquez will be no more to write82-year-old famous Colombian writer, Nobel prize laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez probably won't publish anything."I doubt very much that Marquez will write anything else", - quotes The Guardian of the word employee literary Agency Carmen Balcells, representing the interests of Marquez.The last novel of the writer "memories of my sad whores" was published in 2004. Since then the press has repeatedly reported that Marquez is working on the following works and, in particular, is preparing to publish a novel about love.Now, however, the Agency Carmen Balcells refutes this information. According to the biographer Marquez by Gerald Martin, the writer is not ready and is hardly ever ready to publish new work. "I don't think this is worth regretting. Just fate Marquez was such that his literary career ended much sooner than his life", he added.Recall that the rumors that Marquez will not be more writing appeared before. In 2006, the author of "one Hundred years of solitude" stated that "for the first time in his life there is nothing".GarcГ­a mГЎrquez was born on 6 March 1927 in the Colombian town maps of aracataca (Magdalena Department). At the age of 12, Gabrielle received a scholarship and began his studies at the Jesuit College town Zipaquira, 30 km North of Bogota. Interrupting his studies early, in 1950, decided to devote himself to journalism and literature. In 1961 he published the novel "the Colonel no one writes," in 1966 novel "the unhappy hour". World known for his novel "one Hundred years of solitude" (1967). Source: Gabriel garcГ­a mГЎrquez will be no more to write.

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