Marat Basharov is willing to be gay for money

Marat Basharov is willing to be gay for moneyThe financial crisis that engulfed the planet, and caught up with the star of "Ice age" Marat Basharova.One of the most popular Russian actors and part-time ice skater admitted that he is ready to be gay on the screen, if they pay a good fee."It's true," says the favorite of millions of women. - If I was offered, I'd even starred in "Brokeback mountain". Why not?! I think now you need to take all of it. At the present time to act up. That offer to play, and will play. The only way we can survive.The effects of the financial crisis had an immediate effect on the Russian stars of the first magnitude. The actors are preparing for tough times and are ready for anything just to patch holes in their pockets.MoneyEvil tongues say that like to live in Grand style now experiencing financial difficulties and scarcity of finances. As you know, Basharova often see in the restaurant and night clubs where he usually goes out in the morning with empty pockets. Apparently, the global financial crisis has also affected the weighty purse Basharova.The artist complains that the fees have decreased significantly. Although it seems he can't complain. Marat is not only involved in numerous television projects, but also regularly appeared in films, plays in the theatre. However, telebase curtail the production of many scheduled programs and feature. Drastically reduced many entertainment projects that primarily affected the fees of the Pets, which, according to our information, fell three times.Association of telecontroller set new maximum fees paid by domestic actors. Artists level Basharova will earn a little more than 80 thousand rubles per day, whereas previously received about 300 thousand.- The actor is now a serious problem, " says Marat. - Because almost everyone has shares, deposits, but it depreciates, hangs in the banks... Sharply reduced fees, but life has not become cheaper.The financial crisis has wrapped up not only ordinary people but also walked on to the rich and famous. The stars of show business are forced to tighten their belts. And take on any role.- You are willing to sacrifice their way of sexual macho because of the fees? - we ask pet million.- No, just for the sake of a kiss with a man, with a smile picks up Marat. - The main thing is the amount and the amount of the fees. What plays and who doesn't matter.Perfectly clear that the statement Basharova dictated his wonderful sense of humor. The whole country is discussing novels loving Marat in detail. And the most recent one, with Olympic champion and beauty Tatiana Navoi, which both broke up with their former halves. Source: Marat Basharov is willing to be gay for money.

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