Naomi Campbell had an argument with a loved man

Naomi Campbell had an argument with a loved manThe last six months, we will remind, supermodel Naomi Campbell lives in the suburbs, on the ruble. Become Moscow socialite Naomi decided because of the great love for the Russian tycoon Vlad Doronin.Moscow and Russian stars "the black Panther" relished. The supermodel is already in such a short space of time there were many friends in the capital: couturier Valentin Yudashkin, businesswoman Olga Slutsker, singer Anita Tsoy, and many others.As already wrote "KP", Naomi Campbell and Vlad Doronin have fun in Moscow: in the evening an expensive restaurant and then a night club last weekend, for example, supermodel danced at a gay party at the club "Propaganda"). We were told that, according to rumors, Doronin and Naomi decided not to hurry with the wedding. It turns out that Vlad had yet to be divorced with a former spouse.This circumstance, probably, very confused by Naomi Campbell. They say that the relationship of couples are not as cloudless as before. On the eve of his 39th birthday (may 22, the "black Panther" had a birthday) Naomi Campbell, as told "KP" the friends of the couple, had an argument with a loved man and flew alone to London.There supermodel caught West of the paparazzi. According to their observations, in a London restaurant China Tang star looked tired and was probably drunk...By the way, on the same day, Naomi caught a bit of bad news: one of her ex-boyfriend, Matteo Marzotto, I decided to write a memoir about her whims and insane outbursts. Source: Naomi Campbell had an argument with a loved man.

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