Igor Nikolaev pursues a crazy fan

Igor Nikolaev pursues a crazy fanAmong the many fans of Igor Nikolaev appeared the same Stranger, which he sings in the songs.At least so says the woman and tries to prove it to the idol.Larissa from Tambov sure: all these years, Igor Nikolaev was looking for her through their songs. And popular hit, "Stranger" is written after meeting her. The fatal encounter took place in 2004 at a concert in Tambov, where Larissa came accidentally.LettersThen she will write to Igor in the letter: "my Intuition told me that something special...". . . . Читать полностью -->

The contest `Eurovision` will be rich in special effects

The contest `Eurovision` will be rich in special effectsIn the sports complex "Olympic" was the rehearsal, the representative of Russia at "Eurovision-2009" Anastasia Prikhodko.Next to the singer on the stage was the author of the song "Mother" producer Konstantin Meladze and listened carefully as the voice of his client. In the hall at this time was seen by the Chairman of the jury, Philip.After the rehearsal at the press conference the representative of the Russian delegation - producer of the films "Night Watch", "Admiral" and the film "Turkish gambit" Janik Fayziev spoke about the effects that will be used during the performance of Anastasia in the final of "Eurovision". Prikhodko will stand among the huge screens, which will show a closeup of her face. The uniqueness of the rooms is that the 22-year-old singer will gradually aging. By the end of the song the audience will see 70-year-old woman.This video is already filmed and waiting for their time to Shine. The shooting lasted more than 15 hours, and Anastasia have been deposited on the face of the six types of makeup. Читать полностью -->

Jolie and pitt will adopt a child from Armenia

Jolie and pitt will adopt a child from ArmeniaAngelina Jolie is going to adopt a child from Armenia, reported Saturday the Yerevan newspaper "New era" with a link to the website Examiner.com.Unknown to anyone in Armenia appealed online edition for clarification, but offered readers a sensational news appears this phrase: "Armenian officials have not confirmed nor denied the intention Jolie to adopt a child from this country".The adoption process this time can be easy, because in Armenia, less bureaucracy, says the publication. This is one of the reasons why the actress has opted for the Armenian kid, the newspaper notes. Another reason Jolie believes that "the kid from Armenia will fit perfectly into the family, which has a lot of adoptees, including from Africa, Cambodia and Vietnam," writes "New time". As you know, the actress from 2002 began to adopt children from different countries.According to the same rumors, the famous Hollywood actor brad pitt is not happy with the decisions of the star couple. He would prefer to adopt a child from India, but Jolie is not going to abandon his intention.Report of a possible Armenian child in the family Jolie and pitt provoked, sometimes even politicized debate on Internet forums. Some advise Hollywood couple to adopt American orphans, often in shelters, instead of "write" children from around the world. Читать полностью -->

Keira Knightley refuses to play with Depp

Keira Knightley refuses to play with DeppGood news for fans of Jack Sparrow was the news that johnny Depp, who played the famous pirate, has signed a contract to participate in the continuation of the film "pirates of the Caribbean".But there is bad news. It is that, in all likelihood, keira Knightley will no longer be reincarnated as Elizabeth Swann and the fourth part of the film will probably go without it."It was a huge experience and spent most of my life, but I think I shouldn't do that again. I think it would be better," said the actress in an interview with U.S. magazine OK. But, notwithstanding the foregoing, Kira said to be the first in line for a ticket to this movie. "I'm looking forward to see the next part. Читать полностью -->

Twins Jolie and pitt make their first steps

Twins Jolie and pitt make their first stepsCouple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt is under the gun the whole country, but sometimes they are the first to report breaking news to the press.During the premiere of "Inglourious Basterds" Jolie gave an interview to the magazine Life & Style, where she was asked about the twins Vivienne and Knox, about which you hear very little."They're beautiful. They already go," says the actress. And to the question whether they want more children, Jolie laughed. But she intends to involve your kids in social activity itself. She believes that it is necessary to grow good people. Source: Twins Jolie and pitt make their first steps. Читать полностью -->

Found six early works of Shakespeare

Found six early works of ShakespeareDr. John Casson John Casson), independent scholar Shakespeare (William Shakespeare), claims the opening of six early works of the playwright.In his book "Is One who is being chased by a bear" (Enter Pursued by a Bear) Casson, who had spent a survey three years, refers to Shakespeare's works sonnet "Phaeton", the Comedy "Mazedar", "the Tragedy of king Locrine", "Yorkshire tragedy," and the play "Arden Faversham" and "Thomas of Woodstock". However, these works and to the Casson was attributed to Shakespeare, British scientist only proves that they belong to the great playwright, writes Telegraph.According to the researcher, "Phaeton" is his first published poem Shakespeare, and "Mazedar" - first published Comedy. Early same the tragedy of "Arden Faversham" and "the Tragedy of king Locrine" - were printed anonymously in the early 90-ies of the XVI century, Dr. Casson is convinced that Shakespeare could not enter in the literature immediately with such ambitious works as the trilogy of Henry VI: "Writers usually start small," he says.As for personality, hiding under the name William Shakespeare, John Casson agree with the view that it was sir Henry Neville (Henry Neville) - English aristocrat, godson of king Henry VIII. Recall that in another version of Shakespeare was Roger manners, Earl of Rutland (Roger Manners, Earl of Rutland).Presentation of the book by Dr. Читать полностью -->

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