Picasso became the most expensive artist in 2008

Picasso became the most expensive artist in 2008Portal ARTinvestment.RU publishes top 10 artists, paintings which brought to auction 2008 greatest profit to its owners. First place was taken by Pablo Picasso: volume sales of his works amounted to $262 million.Picasso walked Francis bacon for just $8 million (all prices are given without regard to the auction house Commission). Three leaders closes Andy Warhol - $236 millionIn total, the artists that entered the top of 2008, brought the owners of the $1.7 billion that Is $100 million less than in 2007, the indicators which, in turn, were 50% higher than the previous year.As noted ARTinvestment.RU this year the top 10 rejuvenated, primarily at the expense of Damien Hirst, which lagged behind the Warhol only $6 million is Another contemporary artist, Gerhard Richter, ranked 7th place. Jeff Koons did not reach the top 10 just $2.8 million - that much he conceded to the closing a list of Yves Klein.1. Pablo Picasso ($262 million);2. Francis bacon ($256 million);3. Читать полностью -->

Petrosyan will build a Museum in memory of Jan Arlozorov

Petrosyan will build a Museum in memory of Jan ArlozorovSteering the "Notice" Yevgeny Petrosyan, shocked by the death of a friend Jan Arlazarov, intends to build a Museum in memory of a departed friend.- The memory of the great actors-comedians should live forever, - weepingly told LIFE.RU heartbroken Petrosyan. - The material I have collected, it remains only to build the Museum itself. I think there will not be problems. Jan will be the first person to perpetuate this Museum...- For all of us this is a huge loss! - a little calmer, continued Eugene vaganovich. "Yes, sooner or later, people die, but when the funny man is especially bitter. I now have the impression that we lost smile...LossColleagues and viewers remember Jan witty, creative, cheerful and optimistic person and artist with the gift to find a common language with the audience. Читать полностью -->

Prikhodko pursues a sex maniac

Prikhodko pursues a sex maniacAlmost a month Nastia Prikhodko pursues a sex maniac.- In the last two weeks I changed three apartments and five rooms of the phone, " says the artist. He follows me everywhere, everywhere. - Promises to kill, if not together. He started to follow me recently. I even in a nightmare could not imagine that once I was someone to be so tormenting. This sex maniac can call day and night and always wants from me. Читать полностью -->

Yerevan state University awarded the Andrei Bitov

Yerevan state University awarded the Andrei BitovAndrei Bitov Tuesday, 14 April 2009, received the gold medal of Yerevan state University for his contribution to Armenian-Russian relations and the promotion of the Russian language in Armenia, said the Agency "Novosti-Armenia".Bits arrived in the Republic to participate in the preparation of the anniversary of Hrant Matevosyan, Armenian novelist, with whom Bits was friendly.Bits since 1997 and is an honorary doctor of Yerevan state University and an honorary citizen of Armenia. He was awarded the Movses Khorenatsi medal, awarded for contribution to Armenian culture. Such love in Armenia the writer has published in 1969 in "Friendship of peoples" the book "Lessons of Armenia", later reissued.Andrei Bitov, author of "Aptekarsky island", "Pushkin house", "Flying Monakhova" and other books, is the winner of the State prize of the Russian Federation, the Pushkin prize Fund tГ¶pfer, of Andrey Bely prize and numerous "tolstomordix" awards. The last of them, the prize of the magazine "October", the writer received in December 2008 for his novel "the Teacher of symmetry". Source: Yerevan state University awarded the Andrei Bitov. . Читать полностью -->

Terrible grief in the family Zemfira

Terrible grief in the family ZemfiraFor a whole month Zemfira cannot recover from bereavement befell her family. Singer disclaims all touring suggestions how tempting they were.According to the testimony of relatives she is experiencing the death of his father, although recent years Talgat Talovic was sick a lot. He had problems with blood vessels, and he was in the hospital. However, his death caught everyone by surprise.Zemfira was very fond of his father, on which she, incidentally, is very similar. Coming concerts in his native Ufa singer always have reserved space for relatives. Talgat Malkovich was on all statements except the last one in 2005, then her father went to hospital with concussion, just before the arrival of Zemfira. Читать полностью -->

George Clooney brought to light a new girlfriend

George Clooney brought to light a new girlfriendFamous Hollywood actor George Clooney last week was spotted with new love 30 - year-old model Elisabetta Canalis.This is not the first time a couple comes together in the light. They were first spotted in a restaurant in Rome, where George and Elisabetta dined in the company of friends. They behave naturally and without hesitation kissed in front of other visitors, reports E Online.After a few days Clooney and Canalis were seen on the walk. Then a few days the pair held in a luxurious Villa Clooney on lake Como, where fun rides on motorcycles.George Clooney is one of the world's most famous bachelors. He never adhered to any specific preferences in the choice of the object of their courtship.Throughout the whole year, the actor met with a former waitress Sarah Larson, which broke up in 2008. At the beginning of this year, Clooney harbored tender feelings for a girl from Pakistan. Читать полностью -->

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