From a young rival Susan Boyle lost their nerve

From a young rival Susan Boyle lost their nerveAt ten rival Susan Boyle on the show Britains Got Talent lost their nerve during the performance in the last five semi-finals. The young singer Holly Steele burst into tears right in the air during a performance of the song "Eidelweiss".The judges felt her performance the most daring in the history of the project, however, the viewers, though, and allowed the girl to go to the finals, took her in tears for cheating.Holly Steele in the first round outsmarted the jury came out on stage in a tutu, a thin girl began to bounce around in a clumsy pas in the manner of podstrelennogo of labanca, but in the moment when Simon Cowell raised his hand above the formidable button to sound your "no" from the mouth of Holly escaped such a shrill voice that judges, as if on command, do poraskryvali mouths. Singing the song from the musical "My fair lady", the young contestant was glowing with happiness and was accepted compliments rastroganny members of the jury.Actually, in the semifinals, no one suspected, that the eyes of the girl, who arranged an audition like this neat trick, hail, pour tears, she starts singing. The voice of Holly shivered in the first seconds of the song, and the beginning of the chorus she cried loudly. Mother Nina, who was sitting in the hall, rushed to calm her daughter, the girl came out leading, judge Amanda Holden brought her some water. Despite the rules, Holly Steele allowed to go on stage for the second time and sing back, giving the contestant was named "the most courageous girl in the world".Holly Steele is not the only kid who played in the semi-finals of Britains Got Talent. Читать полностью -->

Jude law beat the woman photographer

Jude law beat the woman photographerHollywood actor Jude law when he emerged from a restaurant in London, attacked the woman-the photographer and hit her.Director Christopher Nolan was invited to one of London's restaurants Jude law together with Leonardo DiCaprio, rapper Jay Z and singer Michelle Williams.After talking with colleagues and dinner, Jude already after midnight walked out of the restaurant. On the street he and other stars were waiting for the crowd of paparazzi. The sudden appearance of people with cameras angered Jude law.Under his hot hand hit 28-year-old Harsha Gopal. In passing, the actor was struck in the head girl. While the girl was holding his head and crossed himself, Jude as if nothing had happened left, reports the Daily Mail."He very suddenly and very painfully hit me in the face. It was really rough - he hit pretty hard, my head still hurts. Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson showed up a secret sister

Michael Jackson showed up a secret sisterPhoto half-sister of Michael Jackson today published a Western tabloid New York Post. Secret sister of the king of pop 24-year-old didn't speak to him Jackson was born from an extramarital affair father Michael.The tabloid claims that didn't speak to him did not support his relationship with his famous brother.- Act father Michael was considered a betrayal, because he loved his mother. Joe never hugged Michael, didn't say she loved him - only beat.Once Michael told me that he saw his father hugging didn't speak to him. Michael was very depressed because he and his brothers never seen his father so soft and loving, - said the publication of the friend of Michael Jackson.About extramarital Affairs Joe Jackson, which came to light didn't speak to him, in his memoirs, "Mother" told the mother of the king of pop Katheri Jackson:Joe worked in show business, he had ample opportunities for fraud. But I believed him, I couldn't imagine that he can destroy everything we have worked together. I didn't believe it until the call of a friend. Читать полностью -->

Madonna is adopting a second child from the African family

Madonna is adopting a second child from the African familyPop star Madonna arrived in Malawi to begin the procedure of registration papers to adopt a second child from the African country.The singer was seen in the village Czinkota accompanied by 12-year-old daughter Lourdes.Madonna refused to answer the journalists ' questions, but said to come back in Malawi was simply "amazing".In Malawi, Madonna wants to adopt a baby girl mercy James. The child that wants to adopt one singer, having both parents dead, reports the BBC.In 2006, Madonna took from the orphanage in Malawi, David Banda and brought him to Britain. Officially, the adoption was formalized last year.Answering questions from the interview last week, the singer said that "many people - especially our friends from Malawi - believe that David needs a sister or brother from Malawi"."It's what I think," said Madonna.However, the decision of the stars to adopt another child caused not only praise, but also criticism.The leading international organization for the protection of the rights of children Save the Children is asking the singer Madonna to abandon the adoption of another child from Malawi.Organization for the protection of children's rights, whose main office is located in the UK, protested, Recalling that for children left without parents, the best solution would be to bring close relatives or family, originating from the same circle, and dead parents.According to human rights activists, the adoption, which involves going abroad, is "not an option".The Malawi government has been criticized for violating the law prohibiting the adoption of Malawian children by foreigners.Madonna is funding several orphanages in Malawi.The singer gave birth to two children - daughter Lourdes from Carlos Leon and son Rocco, from her husband, British Director guy Ritchie. The divorce of Madonna Ritchie was issued in November of last year. Source: Madonna adopting a second child from the African family. . Читать полностью -->

Anna Semenovich wants a family and children

Anna Semenovich wants a family and children29-year-old singer Anna Semenovich wants to create a family and have children. The media regularly reports about her boyfriend. Last fall there were pictures Semenovich with a man.All the fans were waiting message, here it is, her future husband. But, as it turned out, it was just the driver of the actress. On new year's holidays, the singer was spotted in the company of respectable men, clearly not belonging to the world of show business, but this man was not betrothed Anne was presented as its administrator.On the question of the Day.Ru about changes in the personal life of the singer and about the possible wedding in a press-service of the singer answered: "of Course, the wedding is expected. Anna for three years talking about it! "But while the wedding is only a dream for Anya.Because on the horizon until loomed the one who'll be able to shift the main focus from career to personal life, work for it will be in the first place. Читать полностью -->

Nicolas Sarkozy discharged from hospital

Nicolas Sarkozy discharged from hospitalFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday, July 27, was discharged from the military hospital Val de Grace, where he was placed the day before, AFP reported.The results of the survey showed that the malaise of the French President for a run last Sunday was not associated with heart disease, metabolic or neurological diseases.According to Reuters, the press service of Sarkozy told reporters that the President will take several days of rest. Presumably, sudden feeling sick 54-year-old Nicolas Sarkozy was the result of high workloads and tight schedules. Currently the President feels well, and he has a healthy appetite. Source: Nicolas Sarkozy discharged from hospital. . . Читать полностью -->

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