`Miss World 2008` arrested as a terrorist

`Miss World 2008` arrested as a terroristLast week, an unpleasant incident occurred at the airport of Cardiff, capital of Wales. Local customs officers, on the night of Thursday to Friday, detained and searched Xenia Sukhinova - holder of the title "Miss Russia and Miss World 2008.In an interview with Wales online Suhinova reported that customs officials in the course of an hour he studied the contents of her bags, as if thought she was a terrorist. According to Ksenia, like it happened the first time, and she doesn't have an explanation for what happened.Ksenia Suhinova, who arrived as a guest of honor at the contest "Miss Wales", held last weekend, said that her bags were no dangerous things.During the inspection, Xenia not told customs officers that she was "Miss World", "Miss Russia", the face of "Eurovision 2009" etc. She only stressed that not done anything wrong and no luck nothing is forbidden.The local Ministry of internal Affairs declined to comment about the incident, saying that customs officers do their job, as usual, choosing randomly arriving passengers for examination.Apparently, a bored customs officers seemed funny in all the details things to watch Russian beauty. Source: "Miss World 2008" detained as a terrorist. . Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Prikhodko is accused of racism

Anastasia Prikhodko is accused of racismWin Anastasia Prikhodko at the national selection "Eurovision" has caused a new scandal. Ukrainian singer that will represent at the competition of Russia, accused of racism.Not had time to subside the noise surrounding the voting procedure and selection of candidates Prikhodko, as around the girl new scandal erupted. In a press there were statements Anastasia, during her stay in the TV project "star Factory", which could be regarded as racist. At the time, Prikhodko had a conflict with another member of the project, mulatto by Cornelia Mango, which, according to "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Anastasia called me a "nigger", then launched into a discussion about the fact that "I don't like the blacks and the Chinese.". . . Читать полностью -->

Hottest lesbian ciepielow

Hottest lesbian ciepielowIf a heterosexual actor plays in the movie is gay, and while still kissing a man, then he do not give a pass, constantly asking about "how it was".As for heterosexual Actresses, there seems, on the contrary: the pendulum starts banking to the other side. If you don't kiss a woman on the screen - I believe that life is lived in vain. Every day there are reports that this film will be a lesbian scene.So compiling a list of the hottest lesbian kisses in movies - not such a strange thing. This and engaged one of the leading cineporto, whereby it was found that the first place in this list for kiss Sarah Michelle Gellar (Sarah Michelle Gellar), the stars of the film "Buffy - the Queen of the vampires", with Selma Blair (Selma Blair).32-year-old Gellar and 27-year-old Blair kissed in the 1999 film "Cruel intentions" and created such a furor that their kiss was named one of the best ciepielow in history. In second place in the ranking of on-screen kisses as such, which was compiled a few years ago in a survey of readers was the cowboys of "Brokeback mountain", and Gellar and Blair were fifth. Today, however, in the list of lesbian kissing they are leading.In second place - kiss Neve Campbell and Denise Richards Neve Campbell and Denise Richards) in the movie "Wild things". Читать полностью -->

Stewart and Pattinson dream of a child

Stewart and Pattinson dream of a childKristen Stewart can't wait to be pregnant. Speech, certainly, goes about her character Bella in the movie "Twilight". During a press conference at Comic-Con girl joked that she was very anxious to go with the stomach.And Robert Pattinson added: "I want to do a C-section". The shrieking crowd immediately understood that we are talking about the film "Dawn", where judging by the fourth book of Stephenie Meyer had of a couple of the baby. Who knows what will happen to actors in the future, as they say, that in every joke there is some truth. Source: Stewart and Pattinson dream of a child. Читать полностью -->

Eminem robbed of $60 thousand

Eminem robbed of $60 thousandEminem this week fatally unlucky. First, there was an unpleasant incident at the MTV movie awards, when Sacha Baron Cohen landed the naked ass rapper on the face, and then it turned out that his hotel room was robbed.Among the stolen items was a decoration for the sum of $60,000, as well as a personal laptop. The theft occurred just at the time, while Eminem was at a premium. Source: Eminem robbed of $60 thousand. . . Читать полностью -->

The turnaround in the life of Robert Pattinson

The turnaround in the life of Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson admitted that he became an actor for one simple reason: it was easier for him to get acquainted with beautiful girls. Now, after starring in "Twilight", this is not necessary: beauties get to know them yourself!And for such a happy turn in his life, Rob thanked the father. That compelled him to knock on doors Barnes Theatre Company."My dad saw a crowd of pretty girls who went there. "Says Pattinson. And he said to me, "Hey! You need to go there!" That's the reason I still do it!" Source: the turnaround in the life of Robert Pattinson. . Читать полностью -->

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