Pamela Anderson is getting married for the fourth time

Pamela Anderson is getting married for the fourth timeAccording to British newspaper The Sun, Pamela Anderson found herself a new husband and is now in full swing preparing for the wedding. This was reported by the star designer - in his words, he is preparing a wedding dress for Pamela.New chosen star of "Playboy" was Jamie Padgett. The bombshell was married three times. The most durable was the relationship of the actress with Tommy Lee, he Anderson gave birth to two sons. Marriage with musician kid Rock only lasted a few months. And the third husband of the actress and model Anderson became Rick Salomon, ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton, famous for the fact that he posted a candid video with ex-lover.In a few months of married life with Salomon pam tried to leave him several times. Читать полностью -->

Bogdan Titomir chose a life partner

Bogdan Titomir chose a life partnerBogdan Titomir decided to marry his girlfriend Anna, the lead singer of pop group "the Velvet".With the future wife of singer introduced his colleague rapper Timati. Since that night Bogdan and Anna started Dating. It's only been a few months, and he's already made a proposal to the girl hands and hearts. Happy wedding couple has not yet decided: "it's Hard to find the time, we both actively touring," explained Titomir.Meanwhile, the girlfriend of the singer wonder: how shy Anya withstand outrageous Titomir. "We'd have thought a hundred times - recognized soloist "Velvet" to "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - As many have already suffered from it. Читать полностью -->

Died actor Yevgeny Vesnik

Died actor Yevgeny VesnikIn one of the Moscow clinics died a well-known theatre and film actor Yevgeny Vesnik. The other day a famous actor suffered a stroke. Evgeny Yakovlevich was 86 years old.Evgeny felt ill on Tuesday morning. An elderly actor was tormented by headaches. The attacks were so strong that they could not be saved even strong pain killers. Close to noon, the wife of prominent actor insisted to call an ambulance.The doctors immediately insisted on emergency hospitalization. Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson secretly conducted emergency surgery

Michael Jackson secretly conducted emergency surgerySinger Michael Jackson underwent emergency surgery on chafed skin on the face and other places affected by cancer cells.It is worth noting that a few days ago, the official representatives of the singer has denied reports that Jackson discovered skin cancer.After further analysis, the doctors will decide whether 50-year-old singer in the irradiation of the skin areas which are affected by the tumor.According to the London newspaper the Sun, the place where the operation took place, is kept secret. Presumably, the king of pop was operated in Santa Monica Ralph Massey - known in the USA specialist in skin cancer.Messages about this unpleasant procedure appeared immediately after it was announced that Michael Jackson has postponed the dates of performances in London. Letter of transfer dates several concerts in the British capital were sent to people who had already purchased tickets for the show. Three concerts have been scheduled for March next year.Staff singer referred to technical problems and a General lack of preparation for the concert. Transfer of concerts allegedly is associated with a long production of scenery and visuals. In addition, the representative of Michael Jackson has said that reports of skin cancer - not true, and the singer has no health problems.But, as already mentioned Days.Roux, doctors recently found the famous singer skin cancer. Читать полностью -->

Narcisse Pierre left his wife right after the wedding

Narcisse Pierre left his wife right after the weddingWife of Pierre Narcisse still waiting for the wedding night, because right after the wedding the newly-made husband left home.A little over a week ago, Modio Makutu Pierre Narcisse (full name of the artist, approx. Days.Ru) and his mistress Lera officially registered their relationship. Honeymoon couple started a kind: Narcissus in the same evening Packed his things and left.But, as we found out the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the first night the artist was postponed for a valid reason - Narcissus Pierre was waiting on the set in Turkey. It turns out that the graduate of "factory of stars-2" for about a month working on the set of some movie, the title and plot of which is still carefully tucked.The wife of the singer have become accustomed to the busy work schedule of Narcissus, because of which pair there is very little time to be together. The girl eagerly awaits the return of her husband from a business trip and preparing for the wedding night. "I married an artist who knew what was going on. Читать полностью -->

The Rolling Stones will re-release classic albums

The Rolling Stones will re-release classic albumsLabel Universal Music announced the re-14 classic albums The Rolling Stones, reports Music Week. To reissue the recordings were remastered; albums will retain the original track lists and covers.May 4 will go on sale in the reissue of albums Sticky Fingers (1971), Goats Head Soup (1973), It's Only Rock'n Roll (1974) and Black and Blue (1976). June 8 will be released Some Girls (1978), Emotional Rescue (1980), Tattoo You (1981) and Undercover (1983). Finally, on July 13 will be released Dirty Work (1986), Steel Wheels (1989), Voodoo Lounge (1994), Bridges To Babylon (1997) and A Bigger Bang (2005).It is reported that specific plans Universal Music has on the album Exile On Main Street, released in 1972, but what exactly are these plans, not reported. The album will also go on sale in 2009, but later reprints.Also fans of The Rolling Stones will be able to purchase the collector's edition, which will include all 14 albums. Source: The Rolling Stones will re-release classic albums. Читать полностью -->

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