Marat Basharov is willing to be gay for money

Marat Basharov is willing to be gay for moneyThe financial crisis that engulfed the planet, and caught up with the star of "Ice age" Marat Basharova.One of the most popular Russian actors and part-time ice skater admitted that he is ready to be gay on the screen, if they pay a good fee."It's true," says the favorite of millions of women. - If I was offered, I'd even starred in "Brokeback mountain". Why not?! I think now you need to take all of it. At the present time to act up. That offer to play, and will play. The only way we can survive.The effects of the financial crisis had an immediate effect on the Russian stars of the first magnitude. Читать полностью -->

Name Zykina will assign the folk ensemble " Russia `

Name Zykina will assign the folk ensemble The name popularly favorite singer Lyudmila Zykina will be assigned to the State academic Russian folk ensemble "Russia", which she founded.This was said at a press conference in RIA Novosti the head of the Department of musical culture the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Tatyana Kamyshev."The award of the ensemble named Lyudmila Georgievna Zykina has already been discussed. The solution is already there," said she.According to her, "in the near future this issue will be resolved, just needed certain procedures". "Because the staff of the state, have the disposal of the government," she explained."Of course, the musical culture of Russia suffered a great loss, but Lyudmila Georgievna is not only a legendary singer, but this name is connected with the development and life of Russian songs. Traditionally, thanks to Ludmila Georgievna, the ensemble "Russia" nominated young names. And that's the attachment gives a guarantee that the ensemble will develop as successfully as in her," said Kamyshev.Lyudmila Zykina died on 1 July on 81-m to year of life. She was buried at Novodevichy cemetery.In 1977 Zykina established State academic Russian folk ensemble "Russia", the artistic Director of which she served until the end of his life.The repertoire Zykina was more than 2 thousand Russian folk songs, works by contemporary composers, and Russian romances. Читать полностью -->

The van Gogh ear cut off best friend

The van Gogh ear cut off best friendGerman scientists have made a new discovery in the world of painting, thus rewriting the story of van Gogh's ear. Critics found out who cut off the ear of genius.Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear lobe. He cut off her in a fit of anger Paul Gauguin. This is the conclusion of two researchers from Hamburg University - Hans Kaufmann and Rita Villegas. For decades it was believed that the artist himself cut off his earlobe in a fit of madness that led him to commit suicide two years later. But after years of investigation, scientists have found that this procedure has spent his closest friend.Friends didn't say anything about the incident in accordance with a tacit "Pact of silence". Читать полностью -->

The dirty little secret of Pattinson

The dirty little secret of PattinsonThe star of the movie "Twilight" Robert Pattinson - has become the new sex symbol for many girls, but they don't know that he has one dirty little secret - it smells."It's not what it smells, it stinks. That is, he smells terrible. He doesn't shower, and it's crazy all on set, said one, who asked not to be named, but says a source very close to the actor - he really has a bad smell".Believe it or not - you decide. Maybe it's just another rumor. Source: the Dirty little secret of Pattinson. . Читать полностью -->

Red `Ivan` caught stealing his housekeeper

Red `Ivan` caught stealing his housekeeperThe popular singer had noticed that after leaving hired to work the maids began to disappear money, jewelry, even lingerie (!), and carried out a special operation to catch the thief.After the birth of her second son in the Moscow apartment of the artist on the street Rochdelskaya real chaos began. Beloved wife Masha just physically do not have time to monitor starterkit Tomboy and babysit the youngest son, who recently turns a year old. Naturally, the cleaning she almost had no time left. All this led to the fact that in September last year, the Redhead began to look for a housekeeper.TheftWe contacted the Agency, we picked up a woman, signed a contract, - said Andrey in the police. - She came to clean the apartment twice a week. We gave her the keys to the apartment. Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson died a natural death

Michael Jackson died a natural deathAt the time of his death, Michael Jackson was almost bald, covered with wounds from the needles and weighed only 51 pounds.British tabloid the Sun, writes that in the stomach pop idol were only pills, and his body had multiple scars left at least 13 cosmetic operations.Numerous traces of the medical needles are the effects of addiction Jackson to pain medication, which he did three times a day for many years.The County coroner stated that Jackson wore a wig, who was covering expressionless "Pooh" on the head of the king of pop. Several ribs were broken as a result of desperate attempts by medics to revive him. Recall that a heart attack in a 50-year-old singer happened on Friday evening in his Los Angeles apartment.Michael's family and his fans will be horrified when they realize what really was the condition of the singer," said one of the unnamed sources, the newspaper Sun.Experts are very surprised by the marks left after attempts to resuscitate Jackson. During one of the four attempts to enter in the heart adrenaline doctor missed. On the body is also noticeable damage due to oxygen mask and attempt to insert the tube during resuscitation.Despite a truly terrible appearance of Michael Jackson, the preliminary examination showed that his body recovered well after surgery for cancer of the skin. Source: Michael Jackson died a natural death. Читать полностью -->

Terrible secret Lady Gaga

Terrible secret Lady Gaga Is Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite? Of course, this is hardly true, but the interest in this was piqued by one of the Western bloggers. He posted online video from the concert of Lady Gaga.At some point, her skirt had pulled up, and from there supposedly thought the male genitals.The girl said: "I have nothing to be ashamed of, but there's something that I'm not going to talk to everyone. Yes, I have both male and female genitalia, but I position myself as a woman. I'm still sexy." It is unclear whether a joke is. Video. Source: the Terrible secret of Lady Gaga (video). Читать полностью -->

Nikolai Karachentsov save doctors ambulance

Nikolai Karachentsov save doctors ambulanceLegendary actor Nikolai Karachentsov had to save the doctors of the ambulance.Nikolai Petrovich was in his apartment in Central Moscow, when he suddenly became ill. As soon as he tried to get up off the couch, staggered and almost fell. Beloved husband immediately rushed wife Lyudmila purgina, which does not depart from him even for a minute.Lyudmila Andreevna wife picked up under the arms, seated on a chair and rushed to the phone to call the doctors.Home Karachentsov were immediately sent two brigades: linear and specialized neurological. More than forty minutes, the doctors tried to stabilize the famous actor. According to experts, the cause of the attack, most likely, was the narrowing of blood vessels.Seeing that the artist got better, the doctors decided to do without hospitalization, but urged the wife to immediately call an ambulance if Nikolay Petrovich suddenly become worse. Source: Nikolay Karachentsov save doctors ambulance. Читать полностью -->

Between Kirkorov and Baskov scandal

Between Kirkorov and Baskov scandalA new battle for the love of the people broke out between Nikolai Baskov and Philip Kirkorov at the festival "New wave".To the surprise of the organizers, the pop king refused to go on stage with the tenor as co-host, and his replacement was urgently prepared Nikolai Valuev.A few days Jurmala were full of posters, in which black and white, it was indicated that the competition will lead Baskov and Kirkorov, but the audience never saw the last one on stage.As it became known L! some players about the change of partner warned in a matter of minutes.Said right: back down he went, Philip.It was so sudden, told us at the last moment, share with L! colleagues of Nikolay Baskov who were with him backstage before going. We think that Philip himself refused - so they fought a lot lately. Especially seriously quarreled at "Slavianski Bazaar". Since then they're enemies again.- Philip at the last moment refused to do the role of the host, share the organizers of the "New wave". - We had to urgently look for a replacement and decided that Nikolai Valuev perfectly cope with this task.Hercules, who was afraid of the whole country, the scene was good-natured wit and admitted after that he was ready to continue to learn the profession of entertainer.By the way, in Jurmala Valuev for the first time ceased to hesitate when asked to be photographed together.- Yes, I am a big but awkward, why take pictures with me as with a monument - confessed before Nicholas.Today he no longer opposes and fun poses. Source: Between Kirkorov and Baskov scandal. Читать полностью -->

Harrison Ford has decided to marry

Harrison Ford has decided to marryFamous Hollywood actor Harrison Ford has decided to tie the knot with his longtime girlfriend and theatre actress Calista Flockhart.The actors have been together for seven years. They first met in 2002 in one of the social events. Then Harrison had not yet been formally divorced from a previous wife Melissa Mathison, reports the Daily Mail.Ford offered his arm and a heart on Valentine's day on a tropical island, where he Calista went on a winter vacation. After these holidays on the hand of Harrison's future wife flaunts a gorgeous engagement ring.For 44-year-old Calista Flockhart this will be the first wedding, and for Ford's third marriage. A 66-year-old actor has five children - two from two previous marriages and 8-year-old adopted son Flockhart and two grandchildren.When divorce proceedings with his ex-wife Melissa Mathison, Harrison lost about $ 100 million. This divorce has seriously hit the pocket of the actor and was recognized as one of the most expensive divorces of Hollywood in 2004. Читать полностью -->

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