Cindy Crawford is still gorgeous

Cindy Crawford is still gorgeousCindy always looked perfect in the pictures taken by professional photographers for advertising and magazines. But even away from stylists and makeup artists she's still the same excellent.This once again proved photographers, depicting a star walking on the beach in Malibu with friends, reports the Daily Mail. Dressed in thin shorts and a tight t-shirt, the model shows a perfect figure and long slender legs. Form 43-year-old Crawford over the years, career models, and then a happy marriage and motherhood have changed for the better.During the holidays the yacht Cindy again showed the class. The supermodel was dressed in a black bikini and looked as amazing as it was at the peak of her career in the early 90-ies.And not so long ago she was spotted without makeup at the exit of the airport of Los Angeles. And then Crawford made the right decision. Читать полностью -->

UAE secretly bought the masterpieces of world art

UAE secretly bought the masterpieces of world artIn one of the hotels of the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi opened an exhibition of paintings, purchased secretly by order of the government from private owners in Europe, reports The Telegraph.Among the exhibited works are paintings of Edourd Manet, Paul cГ©zanne, Bartolome Murillo, Giovanni Bellini, Jean Ingres, Piet Mondrian. Manet's painting "Gypsy" and "still life with bag and garlic", presented at the exhibition, has long been considered lost.Believed to the participants of the art market, all of these acquisitions were made by the representatives of the UAE in the past few months, through private transactions with the organizers of the auction and the owners of the paintings.Soon the exhibition will complete its work and paintings will go into storage until 2013 - while on Saadiyat island near Abu Dhabi will not open an international branch of the Louvre.Meanwhile, the head of the UAE, Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan (Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahya) intends to build in Abu Dhabi three exhibition complex Gallery Guggenheim by Frank Gehry, the national Museum under the project of Norman foster and arts Centre by Zaha Hadid. Source: UAE secretly bought the masterpieces of world art. . . . Читать полностью -->

The President of Lithuania brought heart

The President of Lithuania brought heartThe President of Lithuania - 82-year-old Valdas Adamkus hospitalized in the capital Santariskiu University hospital because of heart problems. This was reported by his personal physician.According to Remigijus Largely, the cause of hospitalization was suspected malfunction of the pacemaker. "Suspect in possible malfunction of the pacemaker, so I suggested to the President to undergo a medical examination," - said the personal physician of the President.Recall that a pacemaker was implanted Adamkus in may last year. Then he also felt sick and then was placed under the care of doctors. Two days later, on doctors ' decision Adamkus was operated on and he implanted stimulator, which in the future was to protect the President from cardiac hypertension.How to specify the "Вести.Ru" the President last Sunday voted in the European elections. However, due to sickness has canceled a planned trip to the town of Trakai, where he intended to congratulate the winners of the tournament, military-historical clubs.Through the month ends stay Adamkus as President, which he held for 10 years. Читать полностью -->

Singer Valeria stripped for UK magazine

Singer Valeria stripped for UK magazine Popular singer Valeria, by leaps and bounds endearing old Europe, ahead of the release of the new album, starred for the famous British magazine the Sunday Times Magazine.Although for many years the singer categorically refused to take part in a candid photoshoot, offer one of the most popular magazines in Britain she just could not accept."Th" was able to look at the set and find out in what way will appear Valeria on the foreign pages of gloss. This long-awaited photo shoot was timed to the Victory Day, so fans will see Valeria in Soviet military uniform...ShootingSpecifically for the magazine Valeria dared to be naked, covered only by a veil in the form of the Soviet flag with hammer and sickle.- It's Russian star in London! This image is the brightest, most - shared with the "th" members of the crew.To take such a bold step, the artist decided, hearing the name of photographer who will take it off. Famous Peru has worked with many Hollywood stars, so shooting Valeria fully trusted professional.And professional did an excellent job! It seems that after the appearance of the pictures in the magazine the new album of the singer, whose sales in England will start may fourth, is simply doomed to success.- I would love that the album has found its place on the market in Britain, - said Valery. - The most important thing is not the presence of the album in the store and make it a success. Source: Valeria stripped for UK magazine (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson yearned to live forever

Michael Jackson yearned to live foreverMichael Jackson has repeatedly said that he would like to live forever. But perceived it as an empty phrase. But private chauffeur singer, al Bowman said that Michael was literally obsessed with the idea of cloning yourself.Supposedly, it all started with the fact that the singer has read about the experiments with the cloning of the sheep Dolly, and then began to look for information on this topic go to conferences and to think seriously on the issue of replicating themselves after death.Once Michael with his close friend, the illusionist URI Geller went to a meeting of the sect, the Raelians Raelian. This sect differs from the others in that its adherents believe that the soul dies with the body, and the only way to receive eternal life is cloning.After the conference, in the car, the singer was quickened, laughed, then grabbed with both hands his companion and said, " I really want to do this, URI, why would I not worth it!As the driver told the press about his work with Hollywood stars, I worked a lot with anyone, and each of them was looking for myself in any sect. Michael was no exception. They were all amazing people, but showed an amazing stupidity and believe any nonsense if it was something close to their worldview.It is unknown how far the hobby of Jackson questionable science, but perhaps its cells are waiting in the wings in some laboratory. Читать полностью -->

Between Petrosyan and Khazanov scandal

Between Petrosyan and Khazanov scandalA scandal erupted in the theater Stage between the artistic Director Gennady Khazanov and humorist of all times and peoples Yevgeny Petrosyan.No laughing matter these days both: one of the masters ahead of time sends another to retire, taking the performance area.Artistic Director Tetra Pop Gennady Khazanov is not the first time accused of being too entrepreneurial. But then, how was the celebrated satirist this time, becomes, in the opinion of colleagues, the boundaries of reason. Yevgeny Petrosyan, who is the theater, not the Studio "Smehopanoramu" considers it his second home, the unprecedented evils Khazanov, who surrendered the temple of culture in rent. Before the spectators lined up the queue in the Variety theatre to the concert Eugene Vaganovich four times a week, and now his name can be seen only at the July posters. Then Petrosyan will take the stage in October. The rest of the time Khazanov satisfied with the events of another kind.This more than relaxing, the operating mode of the great Joker not because of the global financial crisis. Читать полностью -->

In South Korea died `ray of sun`

In South Korea died `ray of sun`In one of Seoul hospitals died, the former South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung. Sad news came from the hospital that he was taken on 13 July with pneumonia.The cause of death was a heart attack, which occurred as a complication of the disease.Kim Dae-Jung died at the age of 85 years. It is called one of the most prominent regional politicians. The ex-President became the first leader of South Korea who visited Pyongyang. In 2000 he was awarded the Nobel peace prize for improving relations with the DPRK.The political path of Kim Dae-Jung was officially named "ray of sunshine". He entered politics at the age of 28. Читать полностью -->

Martin, he said, will reward for service to the society

Martin, he said, will reward for service to the societyAmerican Association of filmmakers will be awarded Martin Scorsese the award named after Jack Valenti, which is awarded to the filmmakers for "the service of humanity and society.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Presnyakov made an offer Podolsk

Vladimir Presnyakov made an offer PodolskSinger Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., made a proposal of marriage to his beloved Natalia Podolskaya.Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov live together. In the summer of 2007 the couple secretly played a mock wedding in Las Vegas, but in Russia such a marriage is not considered legitimate. Since then, many await the day when lovers become husband and wife is not a joke, but seriously.Official "Natasha, I love you, marry me" was performed after returning from the music festival "New wave" in Jurmala, at dinner in the restaurant. Podolsky, of course, accepted the offer. The pair had planned a celebration for October, according to the newspaper "Trud".The singer always wary of marriage ties. With the mother of his son Nikita Christina Orbakajte Presnyakov did not make the relationship. Читать полностью -->

Timothy is thinking about marriage and children

Timothy is thinking about marriage and childrenSecular divas are in mourning. Clubber, a famous heartthrob Timothy seems to have settled down and finally found his soul mate.If earlier the rapper appeared in public with different passions, but recently the young man shows a surprising consistency.As it turned out, the culprit astounding changes in the life of an artist was an 18-year-old beauty Dasha, some familiar as a singer Amelie. It is noteworthy that recently the girl had a passionate affair with an artist Vlad Topalov, which he met with the soloist of the group "t.A.T.u." Yulia Volkova. Last later also chose Timothy to Vlad.According to information from the inner circle of the artist, Timothy and Dasha met a couple months ago. Young girl surprisingly quickly won the heart of the windy macho. At least the last few weeks, the couple appear in public together solely.Interestingly, Timati, previously happily shared details of his own personal life, this time refusing to answer journalists ' questions about the nature of the relationship with a new lady. Читать полностью -->

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