Britney Spears loses her voice

Britney Spears loses her voiceBritney Spears is concerned about the state of his lungs and insanely afraid of losing the voice. What can you suggest in this case? Of course, to quit Smoking.But this star didn't think of that. Her tormented by the idea that she breathes in too much polluted air", therefore Britney intends to acquire oxygen for 23 thousand dollars.The source said: "After the concert in Vancouver, when Britney ran off the stage after inhaling smoke, it overcomes paranoid conviction that she had to breathe polluted air and this can affect her voice.". . . . Читать полностью -->

The downed pedestrian promises to avenge Sukacheva

The downed pedestrian promises to avenge SukachevaInjured in road accident with participation of famous rock singer Garik Sukachev promises to take revenge. Being already in the intensive care unit after surgery, he shouted that as soon as soon buy the car and posshibat "these freaks".Perhaps the hospital downed pedestrian will have to spend a few months.Note that the man before he hit the Sukachev, as it turned out, less than a year ago, was in a similar accident. About the past accident doctors Botkin hospital, where the victim was sent after the unpleasant meeting with the "star" Harley Davidson, he learned from the words of the 37-year-old resident of Khimki. In the early fall of 2008 he also appeared on a hospital cot. And then he was also hit by a motorcycle. However, the injuries were less serious, said "Rosbalt".As a result of yesterday's accident the victim was hospitalized with multiple fractures and a complete dislocation of the right tibia with a fracture of the tibia. Читать полностью -->

In Chicago died `Queen of the Blues` Koko Taylor

In Chicago died `Queen of the Blues` Koko TaylorDied world-famous American singer Koko Taylor. Black "Queen of the Blues" died Wednesday at the age of 80 in a hospital in Chicago from complications after surgery.About it reports Associated Press. Koko Taylor was one of the few women who have long and successfully performed on the scene of Blues, traditional male-dominated. Her career lasted more than five decades. During this time, the singer was honored with a Grammy and 29 awards Blues Music Awards, was awarded the medal of the National endowment for the arts for his contribution to American music.Koko Taylor was born Cora Walton was born to a farmer's family in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1928, and was orphaned at the age of 11. The Taylor surname she received from her husband, and the nickname "Coco" was taken from for the love of chocolate. Читать полностью -->

Weekend Robert Pattinson in Vancouver

Weekend Robert Pattinson in VancouverCertainly, fans of the young vampire Robert Pattinson is curious, as an actor spends his weekends away from his native England in Canada, which is now filming "new Moon". And here is the answer.Last weekend Rob first took a walk in Vancouver with his childhood friend Sam Bradley. On one street they noticed the fans of "Twilight" and, of course, immediately asked to be photographed with them.Then Robert Pattinson was spotted in a Vancouver night club "Richards". As seen in the photo, Rob, not noticing anyone around, send someone a SMS-ku. According to eyewitnesses, it is doing this and spent the whole evening in the club, ignoring the audience. Source: Weekend Robert Pattinson in Vancouver. Читать полностью -->

Famous tennis player wants a breast reduction

Famous tennis player wants a breast reductionChampion Junior Roland Garros-2008 Romanian Simona Halep is going to reduce your chest. Bust size-six, according to 17-year-old tennis player, is the reason for her bad performance in the current season.The winner of the Junior European championship 2007 in Moscow, champion of the Junior Roland Garros-2008 can not find themselves at senior level. In the current qualification of the Open championship of France on tennis Simona Halep lost to the Russian Victor Dyachenko. The cause of their failures 17-year-old Romanian believes her lush Breasts.The fact that the size of the Breasts Simone envy of even Pamela Anderson, not to mention Serena Williams, whose bust was the largest until the tennis horizon of a young Romanian woman. With the growth of 172.5 cm and a weight of 56 kg Halep has the 6th the size of the Breasts.Fans fill the stands at the matches of a young Romanian woman, as if Safina plays or Sharapova. It would seem that this gift of nature should only be happy, trying to turn it into a lot of zeroes in advertising contracts. Читать полностью -->

The secret life of Daniel Radcliffe

The secret life of Daniel RadcliffeThe correspondent of the newspaper The Guardian talked with Daniel Radcliffe and found out the guy has a lot of interesting things.About all talked people: Daniel loves to read, write, where he lives, who lives, what is hidden from fans, what girls likes if he's gay or not gay - full and interesting record. Perhaps a furious Danny fans already know all this - but to us, to ordinary observers, to read it will be very interesting.So, it all started with a discussion about how best to hide from the fans. Daniel have their own exclusive ideas. "I can give advice to actors: if you don't want to take you out on the street that you even looked at - come with six-foot handsome is transsexual. Nobody don't notice you. Especially when you're only 168 cm, I would have gladly played a transvestite, but not just because of the costumes. Читать полностью -->

Samantha Ronson hides the cause of the break-up with Lohan

Samantha Ronson hides the cause of the break-up with LohanSamantha Ronson wants to talk about break-up with Lindsay Lohan, while she uses the moment to show the world their grief. A new principle of life Samantha - no drama."Lindsay is extremely in need of attention. The world is hard to watch for this, she is very possessive of glory. Samantha just wants this drama to end quickly," says a source close to Ronson to People magazine. Close Samantha, however, note that the girl is also quite hard, and she no longer wants to experience love breaks. Another source claims that Ronson doesn't want anything to blame his ex-girlfriend. Читать полностью -->

Drunk ashlee Simpson insulted her rival

Drunk ashlee Simpson insulted her rivalAshlee, the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, is not very well went to a performance of Jay-Z and Eminem. The problems started when the press and Simpson sat next to actress Michelle Trachtenberg, who met with Vestcom to Ashley.It tells PerezHilton, "the evening began very civilized. Pete and Ashley had a nice conversation with Michelle and her boyfriend for 20 minutes and even showed her pictures of her baby." But when Ashley drank, things went awry. Simpson, who became extremely violent, began to dance on the lap of Ventra and throw insults at Michelle."She began to crawl on Pete like some stripper. It looked disgusting," eyewitnesses say. The situation reached a climax when Simpson yelled confused Trachtenberg: "I hope you know that all this time you were Dating Pete, I fucked him!". Читать полностью -->

Elena Berezhnaya gave birth to a daughter

Elena Berezhnaya gave birth to a daughterOlympic figure skating champion Elena Berezhnaya gave birth to a second child. The light appeared a beautiful girl.Two years ago Elena gave birth in one of the London clinics firstborn. The skater and her husband Steven cousins called son Tristan. But the couple decided not to stay.The other day Elena and Stephen became parents for the second time. Now Tristan has a little sister. The baby decided to call double name Sofia Diana. Читать полностью -->

Hackers sent Britney Spears `to the light`

Hackers sent Britney Spears `to the light`Unknown hackers on the evening of June 26, placed in the microblog singer Britney Spears Twitter message about her death, reports the They did this by breaking into TwitPic, which is used to distribute pictures via Twitter.When the burglary was discovered, TwitPic had the time to close the service to find and fix the vulnerability. The entry about the death of Britney Spears deleted. On the morning of 29 June on the website of the singer appeared official denial. It States that she feels well and resting at home.Britney Spears is not the first time becomes the victim of hackers. In early 2009, her blog was hacked, and her name were sent false and humorous messages. Читать полностью -->